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Lecture: "Plato, the Symposium" (part 1 of 3)Add to Queue

Course :  Intro to Philosophy Course Lectures by Gregory B. Sadler

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In this class session from Dr. Gregory B. Sadler's Fall 2013 Introduction to Philosophy class at Marist College, students start the study of Plato's master-work, the "Symposium." Professor Sadler gets as far into it as the first two speeches on Love, by Phaedrus and Pausanius. Prior to that, he examines the meaning of "symposium," discusses how the characters got there and why they are giving speeches about Love, set out the narrative structure of the dialogue, and discuss male-male love relations amongst the Ancient Greeks. Handouts on each of the speeches and the Symposium itself are available in the Teaching Documents section of Dr. Sadler's Academica.edu profile, here: http://reasonio.academia.edu/GregorySadler/Teaching-Documents

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