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VIU Lectures 2013: Venice and Veneto region after 1866Add to Queue

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  • Date posted : Jan 01, 1970


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Prof. Gianni Toniolo, Professor of Economic History at Duke University, gave a lecture on "Building a National Economy: Venice and the Veneto after 1866". After 1815, Venice did not fit the geopolitical interests of the Hapsburg Empire: it slid into irrelevance as a minor harbor within a marginal sea. Recovery came only at the end of the century and was accelerated by the Great War and far-sighted, if controversial, industrial choices. After the Second World War, Greater Venice could not be more different from Thomas Mann's Venice. A third transformation took place from the 1970s onward, less dynamic than the previous one, perhaps fit to the post-modern era. The future hangs in the balance: it will be decided by transport infrastructures, the revival of the port, the re-use of huge areas on the Lagoon's edge, the vitality of the university and other cultural institutions.

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