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Ancient Mysteries: The Secret Life of King Ramses II (part 3 of 3)Add to Queue

Course :  Ancient Mysteries - The Secret Life of King Ramses II

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  • Date posted : Jan 01, 1970


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Ramses II was perhaps the greatest pharaoh to rule ancient Egypt. His reign allegedly lasted 67 years, making it one of the longest in Egyptian history. As king of one of the most powerful civilizations in the world, he possessed endless energy and a determination to insure his name and his civilization would stand immortal. He was seemingly a true patron of family life. He had at least half-a-dozen principal wives--the most notable being Nefertari. He has also been credited for having sired over 100 children. Was it Ramses II's hunger for power that fueled his desire to insure one of his brood would eventually succeed him? What motivated Ramses II to commission the grand temples and massive monuments that bear his name? Just how did Ramses II become pharaoh, even though he was not the crown prince? Was Ramses II the Egyptian leader responsible for the exodus or was it one of his many sons? What information will the recent discovery in the Valley of the Kings known as KV-5 reveal?

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