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ZZ Top's Billy Gibbons ft. Kid Rock - Guitar MovesAdd to Queue

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  • Date posted : Jan 01, 1970


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ZZ Top's Billy Gibbons sits down with Guitar Moves' host Matt Sweeney to share some secrets. Check out the Guitar Moves Playlist here: http://bit.ly/17rsTdW Check out ep. 11 featuring Leroy Troy here: http://youtu.be/sb-iVghR3D4 Guitar Moves, hosted by Matt Sweeney, is a show where the viewer gets an opportunity to sit in on a private, interesting, and hilarious conversation about guitars, music, life, and craft. During the season, Sweeney and his guests play through licks, riffs, and solos that inform their style, influence their playing, and define their sound. Presented in partnership with XL Strings by D'Addario and Noisey.

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