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  • Posted by : Cy Porter

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  • Date posted : Jan 01, 1970


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http://mediaeraart.blogspot.com/ http://solomation.com Creative writing/ storytelling tutorial. My tutorials are minimally produced and focus on how much useful information I can provide writers. The writing strategies offered in these tutorials can also be applied to film work, storyboarding, cartooning, etc. But they are still very much about writing. Writing is an important skill for most kinds of multimedia artists. These tutorials are offered for free to help promote my own story telling so please take a moment to see one of my animations at http://solomation.com. The name of my illustrated story is Terrible Immunity. Thanks and I hope your writing goes well! Also check out: All my fiction writing/ creative writing videos: http://creativewritingtutorials.blogspot.com See all my figure drawing tutorials here: http://figuredrawingtip.blogspot.com See all my hand drawn letters tutorials here: http://handletter.blogspot.com See my storyboard tutorials here: http://storyboardtutorials.blogspot.com See my animation and film tutorials here: http://animationhowto.blogspot.com See my creativity training videos here: http://mediaeraart.blogspot.com/ If you are an educator please let me know how I can work with you. Enjoy! Cy Porter show notes: When writers talk about channeling their characters they describe feeling like the made-up characters have minds of their own and can speak on their own. How is this different from writing a character draft? What frame of mind is the writer's mind in when they channel characters? What steps can you take to start channeling your characters?

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