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Artscape - The New African Photography: George OsodiAdd to Queue

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  • Date posted : Jan 01, 1970


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George Osodi's photo project, Oil Rich Niger Delta, and the resulting book of stunning pictures, Delta Nigeria -- The Rape of Paradise brought attention to the environmental problems in the area and made Osodi one of Nigeria's most sought-after photographers. "I think it's my responsibility as the man with the camera to find a way to represent this [situation], so that it becomes appealing to whoever sees it," explains Osodi. "At first sight you're like, 'what a beauty', but then behind it is a huge Armageddon. It's like hell on earth." This film follows Osodi as he continues to document the devastating effects of oil spills in the wetland region and as he tackles his latest project, about Nigeria's traditional Monarchs.

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