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Global Street Art: Cairo SprayCan Rebels Add to Queue

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  • Date posted : Jan 01, 1970


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Egypt's January 25 revolution helped bring out the best in raw and potent urban arts, most of all in the graffiti scene in Cairo. This short video gives a brief glimpse into the always evolving street art scene that has gone from strength to strength and become a valuable component in the creative resistance to Egyptian authorities and establishment. Produced by: Soraya Morayef Directed and Edited by: Marwan Imam Music by: Ahmed Safi Footage courtesy of: Islam Momtaz Soraya Morayef Amir Nazeer Farah Saafan Ian Lee Rodina Mikhail Carmel Alyaa Delshad Featuring the works of: The Sad Panda Kareem Gouda Ganzeer Charles Akl Amr Gamal Ammar Abo Bakr Mohamed El Moshir Laila Magued Alaa Awad Zeft Amr Nazeer Hozny Iyad Oraby Aref and Hoda Ismail Ahmed El Masry Saiko Manio Ahmed Abdallah KIM Shaza Khaled Alia El Tayeb El Teneen Hossam Shukrallah Ziad Tarek Mariam Abou Ghazi Youssef Bagato Saif Roshdy Mostafa el Tourkhy And many others who remain anonymous Like MOCA on Facebook: http://bit.ly/MOCAFacebook Follow MOCA on Twitter: http://bit.ly/MOCATwitter +1 MOCA on Google+: http://bit.ly/MOCAGooglePlus

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