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How Islam Contributed to Modern ScienceAdd to Queue

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  • Date posted : Jan 01, 1970


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Our Mission: This event aims to highlight some of the key scientific and technological achievements made by people living within Muslim civilisations throughout history. In such a multicultural University, it is imperative that we share our cultural and historical traditions from an academic perspective in order to fully understand and appreciate one another. We feel that such an event will not only allow us to learn the history of scientific advancements, but also to promote free thinking, education and rational thought. Our Esteemed Speakers: Each member of the panel will speak for approximately 15-20 minutes. There will also be an interactive question and answer session at the end for those of you who wish to pose questions. Dr Zohor Idrisi - "Islamic Innovations in Agro-Science and Food Technology" Dr Salim Ayduz - "History of Science During The Ottoman Period" Dr Subhi Al-Azzawi - "The Environmental Aesthetics of Islamic Architecture: the Fifth Dimension" Dr Salah Eddin Zaimeche Al-Djazairi - "How Muslim Science Impacted the West and Modern Civilisation" Moderated By: Prof. Adel Sharif

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