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Life is a Social Game: Lessons Learned Bringing The Sims to Facebook (Game Developers Conference presentation)Add to Queue

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This is a narration of my slides from my Game Design track presentation at the 2012 Game Developers Conference. Description: I've worked on The Sims for close to 9 years. Then 1 year ago, I began working on The Sims Social for Facebook. In this talk, I share my fresh perspectives on the social space along with 7 useful design lessons -- from developing strong ranking systems to the conflict of design vs. monetization. But the most interesting things we're going to dive into are character interactions and relationships between players. We'll see how relationships strengthen gameplay. I'll share a theory on how I think that games can affect real life relationships (and we'll see how this can sometimes lead to uncomfortable situations -- and why this is all a good thing). And ultimately I'll try to convince you that relationships will be one of the next big trends in social gaming.

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