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Video Games and Social Media with Thom Kozik of ATARI and Alex Pham of LA TimesAdd to Queue

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  • Date posted : Jan 01, 1970


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In this episode, Robert brings in game industry veteran Thom Kozik, formerly of Atari, and Alex Pham who covers video games for the Los Angeles Times, to discuss social gaming. Zynga's mysterious business model is explained, and Thom discusses how the social gaming industry is learning quickly, both from traditional gaming and Vegas! -=-=-=-=-=-=-= Timecode Notes =-=-=-=-=-=-=- 0:00 Intro 00:40 Social Games, introductions to Alex and Thom Kozik 1:15 How old is social gaming? 1:45 Gaming as a social lubricant 2:15 Alex, how big is social gaming? 4:04 How profitable is social gaming? 5:50 Every game is social 6:45 How console games are social 7:21 Evolving nature of social gaming 8:38 Early online gaming developments 9:10 Emergence of online gaming companies 9:22 Leading companies in social gaming, Zynga, Digital Chocolate, Zynga has 49% Market Share, Kabam 11:55 Disney throws their weight in with Playdom 12:26 The hard part is taking traditional gaming companies online while keeping their DNA 14:16 Maturing market, social gaming is an opposite business model from traditional games 15:15 'Build or Buy" decision 16:00 DragonAge 16:36 Thom on the analogy of game/movie industry 18:39 The money of social gaming 20:52 The economic model of Zynga 23: 48 How any business can learn from social gaming in terms of micro-transactions 24:30 2 percent return rates, Zynga's pricing strategies, and why "The Whale Never Comes Alone!" 26:14 -35:00 A history of the evolution of social games 35:45 Kaijuland! 39:43 Facebook 44:00 Loyalty programs 45:00 Signoff!

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