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Pt 1 of 2 "What's the Story?: The Problem of Videogame Culture" A Lecture By Jamin Brophy-Warren (Singapore-MIT GAMBIT)Add to Queue

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PART 1 OF 2. On January 6, 2011 Kill Screen Magazine editor Jamin Brophy-Warren made a special appearance at the Singapore-MIT GAMBIT Game Lab to give a talk entitled "What's the Story?: The Problem of Videogame Culture". Brophy-Warren is one of the few games journalists who straddles the cultural divide into the mainstream, and is often sought as an expert on the impact of games in a broad cultural context. He has written for the Wall Street Journal and has appeared on NPR on several occasions. Check out our games here at GAMBIT.Singapore-MIT GAMBIT Game Lab. Video Produced by Generoso Fierro, Edited by Garrett Beazley

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