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Title: "17 Games In 17 Years" Speaker: Stone Librande, Electronic Arts As Social and Mobile games continue to evolve, players are being exposed to deeper game systems and features that closely mirror those of traditional games. Of these, one of the most important systems is Quests, which have been a proven system on traditional RPG/MMO's and Social games on Facebook, but haven't seen their true potential on mobile.In this talk, I share what I've learned designing quest and narrative systems for the last few years, and what designers need to know when designing these systems for mobile games. --- The Game Design Conference was created to give game designers a place to gather and learn from each other. With a number of varying and expanding approaches, tools, best practices, and advice to be had, there's a lot of new information to wrap your head around. And the best way to learn is to spend time with people who are actually working as game designers, perfecting their craft and bestowing their knowledge to you. The Game Design Conference provides a variety of forums for learning, from workshops and sessions with experts to the in between, where attendees informally connect and share questions, knowledge, and perspectives with their peers. Website: http://gamedesigncon.com/ Twitter: http://gamedesigncon Facebook: http://facebook.com/gamedesignconference

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