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Are Bronies Changing the Definition of Masculinity? | Idea Channel | PBS Digital StudiosAdd to Queue

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You might assume that the animated TV series "My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic" is for little girls, but Bronies would beg to differ. Bronies are adult men who sincerely LOVE the show, and aren't afraid to admit it. Many people are baffled, even angered, by Brony culture. With their unabashed appreciation for "My Little Pony", Bronies are challenging our perception of gender roles, which may be more fluid than previously thought! New Idea Channel episodes now every Wednesday!!! Let us know what sorts of crazy ideas you have, about this episode and otherwise: Tweet at us! @pbsideachannel (yes, the longest twitter username ever) Email us! pbsideachannel [at] gmail [dot] com Hosted by Mike Rugnetta (@mikerugnetta) Made by Kornhaber Brown (http://www.kornhaberbrown.com) Want some more Idea Channel? Watch our previous episode: "Are Hologram Tupac and Hologram Freddie Mercury Nostalgia Or New Aesthetic?" http://youtu.be/YPa7p2WVpj0 Here's another one: "Is Instagram The Best Thing To Ever Happen To Photography?" http://youtu.be/nBw589H2XwI And another one: "Are Lolcats & Internet Memes Art?" http://youtu.be/b9Zyswk07vg Want more fun? Watch: "Is Miku Hatsune A More Authentic Pop Star Than Lana Del Rey?" http://youtu.be/r3c8STXjQ20 You still want more? Awesome! Watch our first episode: "Super Mario Brother is the World's Greatest Piece of Surrealist Art" http://youtu.be/a2bAN9pPeiE

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