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April 19, 2010: Annenberg Research Seminar: The Death and Life of American Journalism The Norman Lear Center hosts scholar Robert W. McChesney and journalist John Nichols as they discuss their new book, The Death and Life of American Journalism. Here, they'll argue that the crisis in American journalism precedes the Internet, and the current economic turbulence stems from the hollowing out of journalism under corporate control, which has increased dramatically since the late 1970s. The problem with American journalism, they argue, is rooted in the longstanding tension between advertising-supported, profit-making media and democracy-sustaining journalism, and they debunk notions that old media firms can successfully migrate to the web or that the blogosphere will magically meet our journalism needs. For more information about Martin Kaplan: http://www.learcenter.org/html/about/?cm=kaplan For more information about The Free Press: http://freepress.org/ For more information about The Death and Life of American Journalism: http://www.nationbooks.org/book/200/The%20Death%20and%20Life%20of%20American%20Journalism

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