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An Invisible History: Puerto Rican Children's Literature in the U.S.Add to Queue

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"An Invisible History: Puerto Rican Children's Literature in the U.S." by Marilisa Jimenez Garcia- This is a documentary project that I created for Dr. John Cech's "Children Culture and Play" graduate seminar at the University of Florida during the spring 2009 semester. Some of the ideas and themes within this project became part of my dissertation "'Every Child is Born a Poet': The Puerto Rican Narrative within American Children's Culture" which won the Puerto Rican Studies Association Award for Best Dissertation 2012. This video is extremely rough and shows my naive desires to save the world and all disadvantaged students, probably because I was one of those "at-risk" students sitting in an American classroom on the path to dropping out and the sort about twenty-years ago. Much of my ideas in this video are raw and are much more complicated in the actual manuscript, however, I chose to present it here because I think it encapsulates a time within my journey as a doctoral student that led me through. Also, lately, many, including my own students, have been asking me why I incorporate children's literature into my research on Latina/o studies or why I write about Puerto Ricans within the U.S. This is a piece that employs the personal and the academic. I present some family history here, but not all, so nobody write me a letter about how I forgot to include you in in this. It is what it is. But, like so many things, it is personal. Where I used photos from sources, I have attributed them. This is for educational purposes, so no facturas please. The music is religiously-inspired because that is how I grew up and so much of what I associate with notions of social justice, libertad, exile, and exodus are rooted in the music and words I heard growing up in rowdy, Pentecostal churches.

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