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The Allie Finkle Super Sleepover with Meg Cabot | PBteenAdd to Queue

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In this video, talk show host Caroline Rhea invites famous author Meg Cabot for a sleepover. They discuss Meg's books amongst other things. Meg and Caroline talk about the famous 'Princess Diaries' and how she started writing books for a younger audience due to popular demand. That is how the Allie Finkle books were created. Meg wanted to write for younger girls so that they would have someone to relate to. This is how she started the Allie Finkle series and it has elements from her own experiences in fourth grade. She goes on to share some lesser-known things about herself and talks about her childhood experiences. Caroline Rhea shoots a rapid-fire round of questions at her that she has to answer within a minute. Meg Cabot reads out an excerpt from the latest Allie Finkle book and some of her young readers are given a chance to ask their favorite author a question. The PBteen team created the set for the sleepover. They used comfortable furniture and bedding to give it a warm, girly look. They used bright colors and beautiful floral patterns to create the perfect ambience for the sleepover. To explore further visit our website: http://www.pbteen.com/ Buy great bedding from the PBteen website: http://www.pbteen.com/shop/girls-bedding/?page=viewall Buy great furniture and accessories from the PBteen website: http://www.pbteen.com/shop/furniture/beds-mattresses/?page=viewall http://alliefinkle.scholastic.com/webcast/

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