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Tara Betts and Terrance Hayes on poetryAdd to Queue

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  • Date posted : Jan 01, 1970


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In this edition of HoCoPoLitSo's "The Writing Life," poets Terrance Hayes and Tara Betts talk about their own work, and each other's poems, in a discussion about humor in poetry, poetic style and the "open-endedness" of writing, as Hayes explains. In his bright striped socks and sneakers, Hayes talks about two poets who influence him, Robert Hayden and Amiri Baraka: "I like the space between the two of them. I never wanted to affiliate myself exclusively with the quiet, meditative poet, or the social poet." Betts remarks that poets return to certain words, repeating them throughout their careers. "How do you challenge yourself and put those words on their ears in different ways?" she asks. Betts reads "The White Album" and "Switch" from her book, Arc & Hue. Hayes reads "The Blue Seuss" from Wind in a Box, and "Carp Poem" from Lighthead.

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