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November 5, 2009 Environmental Policy, Social Movements, and Science for the Brazilian Amazon - Panel 1 A part of the CLAS Latin American Briefing series (http://clas.uchicago.edu) Panel 1 speakers include Roberto Smeraldi, Phillip Fearnside, Jorge Vania and Mary Allegretti. The Center for Latin American Studies and The Program on Global Environment at The University of Chicago are pleased to present an interdisciplinary conference on "Environmental Policy, Social Movements, and Science for the Brazilian Amazon", November 5-6, 2009. The conference will assess the last twenty years of regional structural projects, social movements, and science and technology in the Amazon, as well as what roles and opportunities are created for the region by science, technology, traditional knowledge and markets for environmental services, within the standards of forest preservation. Panel 1 - Models of Development - An Assessment of the Last 20 Years of Public Policies for the Amazon Region. Paradoxically, the policies we see today in the Amazon are strikingly similar to those that were in place during the military dictatorship. Very little has changed in those policies since then, while the world, in contrast, has changed vastly. This is the second out of five videos covering the conference.

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