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November 5, 2009 Environmental Policy, Social Movements, and Science for the Brazilian Amazon - Panel 2 A part of the CLAS Latin American Briefing series (http://clas.uchicago.edu) Panel 2 speakers include Dain Borges, Mary Allegretti, Marianne Schmink, Ricardo Paes de Barros, Maura Barbosa de Almeida, and Ane Alencar. The Center for Latin American Studies and The Program on Global Environment at The University of Chicago are pleased to present an interdisciplinary conference on "Environmental Policy, Social Movements, and Science for the Brazilian Amazon", November 5-6, 2009. The conference will assess the last twenty years of regional structural projects, social movements, and science and technology in the Amazon, as well as what roles and opportunities are created for the region by science, technology, traditional knowledge and markets for environmental services, within the standards of forest preservation. Panel 2 "Social Movements and Chico Mendes" Legacy for the Sustainable Development of the Amazon. As a consequence of a popular government in Brazil, local social movements have significantly reduced their activities or changed their historical objectives. Until recently, territorial security was the main objective of social movements in Amazonia. What happens now that this objective is achieved? What are the social movements' agendas now? This is the third video out of five videos covering the conference.

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