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The Long Road to Marriage Equality: 1970-2012 and BeyondAdd to Queue

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  • Date posted : Jan 01, 1970


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Days after a historic election in which three additional states approved gay marriage by referendum, Yale Professor William J. Eskridge describes how the LGBT community has gone "from outlaws to in-laws in a generation" at the annual BU Law Distinguished Lecture. His address, entitled "The Long Road to Marriage Equality: 1970-2012 and Beyond," offers a chronological account of how marriage has changed over the last four decades—particularly in the last four years—as landmark cases, European example and media coverage, among other factors, have helped rapidly turn public opinion. Eskridge is a preeminent scholar of statutory interpretation and co-author of several books in that field, including the co-authored Dynamic Statutory Interpretation. He has also written field-establishing scholarship articulating a legal and political framework for proper state treatment of sexual and gender minorities. Hosted by the Boston University School of Law on November 15, 2012

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