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On the first episode of "The Art of Punk" we dissect the art of the legendary Black Flag. From the iconic four bars symbols, to the many coveted and collected gig flyers, singles, and band t-shirts, all depicting the distinctive Indian ink drawn image and text by artist Raymond Pettibon. We start off in Los Angeles talking to two founding members singer Keith Morris, and bass player Chuck Dukowski, about what the scene was like in 1976 - setting the stage for the band's formation, as well as the bands name, and the creation of the iconic four bars symbol. Raymond Pettibon talks with us from his New York art studio. Back in LA we meet with Flea, from the Red Hot Chili Peppers, about how the art, the music, and that early LA scene impacted his own life and career. To wrap it all up we sit and talk at length, with Henry Rollins, at MOCA Grand Ave in Los Angeles, about all of the above and more. Created, directed, and Executive Produced by writer/author of 'Fucked Up + Photocopied', Bryan Ray Turcotte (Kill Your Idols), and Bo Bushnell (The Western Empire), The Art Of Punk traces the roots of the punk movement and the artists behind the iconic logos of punk bands such as: Black Flag (Raymond Pettibon), The Dead Kennedys (Winston Smith), and Crass (Dave King). In addition to profiling the artists, the series includes intimate interviews with former band members, notable artists, and celebrities who have been heavily influenced by the art of punk rock including Jello Biafra, Tim Biskup, Scott Campbell, Chuck Dukowski, Flea, Steve Olson, Penny Rimbaud, Henry Rollins, Owen Thornton, and Gee Vaucher. The filmmakers Bryan Ray Turcotte and Bo Bushnell take a unique approach to exploring the rich histories of these three seminal punk legends by focusing on the influential imagery and seeking out stories that have not been told yet through the artwork, which is integral to the importance and influence of each band. On June 11, 2013 The Art Of Punk debuts on MOCAtv with an episode on Raymond Pettibon and the artwork of Black Flag. The stories behind the art of the Dead Kennedys will debut on June 18, and June 25 will see the release of the Crass episode, all of which will be available at: www.youtube.com/MOCAtv Created By: BRYAN RAY TURCOTTE https://twitter.com/bryanraymond www.KillYourIdols.com BO BUSHNELL https://twitter.com/BoBushnell Instagram.com/BoBushnell http://bobushnell.com DIRECTED BY: BRYAN RAY TURCOTTE BO BUSHNELL EXECUTIVE PRODUCERS: EMMA REEVES JOHN TOBA EXECUTIVE PRODUCERS: BRYAN RAY TURCOTTE BO BUSHNELL STARRING: RAYMOND PETTIBON KEITH MORRIS CHUCK DUKOWSKI HENRY ROLLINS FLEA CAMERA: JOSH WEBBER BO BUSHNELL JASON BAKER EDITED BY: TIM BROOKS BEAST EDITORIAL ASSISTANT EDITOR: PAUL JAROLIMEKPRONER BEAST EDITORIAL LOCATION SOUND: NOAH ALEXANDER CHARLES EASTMOND MOTION GRAPHIC DESIGN: BRENT STANGEL MUSIC SUPERVISION: BETA PETROL MUSIC BY: RAW NERVE THEME MUSIC: SON THE FATHER by FUCKED UP COURTESY BEGGARS GROUP ADDITIONAL MUSIC BY: C.R.A.S.H. SCANNING BY: JESSE SPEARS SOUND MIXING: PHIL LANTZ M SQUARED PRODUCTIONS COLORIST: TIM BROOKS PHOTO STILLS PROVIDED BY: BRIAN TUCKER ED COLVER SPOT RYAN RICHARDSON Like MOCA on Facebook: http://bit.ly/MOCAFacebook Follow MOCA on Twitter: http://bit.ly/MOCATwitter +1 MOCA on Google+: http://bit.ly/MOCAGooglePlus Like MOCA on Facebook: http://bit.ly/MOCAFacebook Follow MOCA on Twitter: http://bit.ly/MOCATwitter +1 MOCA on Google+: http://bit.ly/MOCAGooglePlus ArtIsForYou20

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