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Is it possible? - Mozart's Oboe Quartet in F major, K.370 - Professor Christopher HogwoodAdd to Queue

Course :  Music Lectures by Christopher Hogwood

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  • Date posted : Jan 01, 1970


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A lecture and performance on Mozart's Oboe Quartet in F major, k.370 by Christopher Hogwood, with Mea Wade and players from the Royal Academy of Music. Harnessing virtuosity to good taste and fireworks to fine craftsmanship is a permanent challenge for the composer. Purely technical show will have little lasting effect, and Mozart was especially scrupulous at linking what sounded effective with what was musically needed. We examine with Mea Wade the requirements of good oboe playing and some of that instrument's special qualities, and hear a performance of the quartet with players from the Royal Academy of Music. The quartet comprises Mea Wade (oboe), Eleanor Corr (violin), Richard Waters (viola) and Antonio Novais (cello). The transcript and downloadable versions of the lecture are available from the Gresham College website: http://www.gresham.ac.uk/lectures-and-events/is-it-possible Gresham College has been giving free public lectures since 1597. This tradition continues today with all of our five or so public lectures a week being made available for free download from our website. http://www.gresham.ac.uk

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