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Wudang Mountains - Sacred Sanctuary of Taoism (or Cradle of Taoism), Episode Two, Part TwoAdd to Queue

Course :  Wudang Mountains: Sacred Sanctuary of Taoism (New Frontiers)

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  • Date posted : Jan 01, 1970


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Why is becoming one with heaven so special to the Daoist tradition? In the second half of episode two, we learn more about the impact the Taoist Gods have had on the religion and the practitioners. We explore an ancient ceremony that is still practiced today in praying during the early morning to a dragon asking for rain to bless the land. This tradition is highlighted with the story of an encounter with the Thunder God Lei Gong, and later, we have the story of Xuanwu, another Taoist God that is part turtle and part snake. Episode two concludes with the history behind the Five-Dragon Temple, an ancient building destroyed from a fire set by bandits in 1927.

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