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Plamen Dimitrov - Psychological Drivers of the Social Media RevolutionAdd to Queue

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(February 13, 2013) Plamen Dimitrov, Chair of the Bulgarian Psychological Society, gives an insightful hands-on workshop on the psychology involved in social media. Watch the video to find out more and to do the experiment yourself. Plamen Dimitrov is a psychologist with 30 years of experience who mostly works consulting companies on their policies and actions. More about this talk: http://www.aubg.bg/talks/plamen-dimitrov-psychological-drivers-of-the-social-media-revolution/ Visit the AUBGTalks Project: http://www.aubg.bg/talks American University in Bulgaria: http://www.aubg.bg/ AUBGTalks Channel on YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/AUBGTalks Follow AUBGTalks on Twitter or Facebook for more lectures: http://twitter.com/AUBGTalks http://www.facebook.com/AUBGTalks Operator and Editor: Stoil Stoilov

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