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T-DOSE 2013 Open Source, Maurice Verheesen, how Free Software can save you from PRISMAdd to Queue

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http://www.CityTV.nl http://www.t-dose.org/ Playlist T-Dose2013 http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLBZBIkixHEidp0CvKAakVxKr6_WcWvFur 27 October 2013 T-DOSE 2013 conference, Speaker: Maurice Verheesen, Free as in Freedom, how Free Software can save you from PRISM. In this talk we will look at the technologies currently available to make sure you keep your digital freedom. Since the revelations of Snowden, the world has seen the vast ways in which the NSA and other agencies have been collecting data about citizens. In this talk I will show why Free Software was designed. And what tools 30 years of development has brought us to protect the Digital Freedom that's now under attack. Info at: http://www.t-dose.org/2012/talks/free-freedom-how-free-software-can-save-you-prism

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