Gender, Sexuality, and Violence in the Media

Despite the influence of the women's and gay rights movements of the mid-20th Century, which offered some hope for the creation of a more equitable media system, much of our contemporary media continues to construct a distorted view if the world. It continues to reinforce the invisibility of women and alternative sexual identities, to police the contours of heteronormativity, and to project images of sexualized gendered violence. Further, women working within the media industries continue to struggle with access to the meaning-making discourse in our western world. This lecture, presented by Mary Lynn Young, Marsha Newberry, Jen Sung, and Kathleen Cross addresses the following questions: What are the key battlegrounds within the media landscape where this particular vision of gender and sexuality needs to be combated? What role do we, as media makers and citizens, have in producing a more just media system for all genders and sexualities?