Comparative Analysis Religion: Islamophobia and Anti-Islam Trends

""A Spiritual-Philosophical Analysis of Islamofobic and anti-Islam Trends In Holland" - Presented by a Hindu Spiritual Philosopher: Vedacharya Rudraprasad (a confessed ex-Islamophobe). A spiritual, positive and tolerant lecture -- Based on deep analyses of real trends - Organized as an antidote to anti-Islamic trends in the west - Comparative analysis of Islam, Christianity, Judaism, Hinduism and Buddhism - Islamophobia and Anti-Islamism truly exists - Claims of the existence of Islamofascism researched - An analysis of five influential anti-Islam authors: methods, meaning, message. - Imperialism and Idealism: the "violent" rise of Islam in historical context - An analysis of the Qur'an and the messenger, Muhammad - An analysis of the most controversial aspects of Islam - Why Islam is really a religion of peace - The politicization of Islam's present status in the world - Forms of radicalization of Muslims - Forms of radicalization of anti-Islamists "