John Searle at the University of Cologne

John Searle at the University of Cologne American Philosopher accepts Albertus Magnus Professorship 2013 John Searle is one of the most important philosophers of language of our time. As Albertus Magnus Professor, he will be holding lectures and a seminar on the themes of "Language and Social Ontology", "Mind and Brain" as well as "Perception and Intentionality" from 6th till 8th May, 2013 at the University of Cologne. John Searle is the ninth personality of international repute to accept the Albertus Magnus Professorship established in 2005. With this invitation, the University of Cologne is also honouring the memory of the medieval polymath Albertus Magnus (1193 -- 1280), one of the intellectual fathers of the University of Cologne (founded in 1388), who oversaw the general studies of the Dominican Order. Professors who deal with questions of general importance relevant not only for fundamental science but also for current public debate in their research are invited to chair the Albertus Magnus Professorship.