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The Fall of the Third Reich - 8 - The disintegration of the army and of civil orderAdd to Queue

Course :  'The Fall of the Third Reich' by Richard J Evans

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  • Date posted : Jan 01, 1970


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The end of 1944 saw armed battles on German streets between blackmarketeers and the police and nearly all shops in certain parts of the country were looted mercilessly. Professor Richard Evans, Visiting Gresham Professor of History, explains the disintegration of civil order at the end of the Nazi regime and the incapacity of the army to keep law and order. This is the 8th part of 'Germany and the Second World War: The Fall of the Third Reich'. The full lecture is available (in 11 parts) here on YouTube, or it can be downloaded (along with the other lectures by Professor Evans, and all of our other lectures) in its complete form from the Gresham College website, in video, audio or text formats: http://www.gresham.ac.uk

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