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  • Posted by : David Newman

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  • Date posted : Jan 01, 1970


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Song describing and demonstrating each interval and its inversion. Thanks everybody for sharing, and for your kind comments! Especially from bloggers like Roger Evans, who claimed "It may be the best thing since Ut queant laxis." Positive hyperbole is welcomed! :-) Lyrics seem redundant with videos like this, but here they are anyway: A minor third is a major sixth in inversion. A major third is a minor sixth in inversion. A perfect fourth is a perfect fifth in inversion. Oh... A minor second's a major seventh. A major second's a minor seventh. And oh... A perfect unison's an octave in this game. But what we call a tritone stays the same. [Note that the final line is not true if we identify that interval as an augmented fourth, in which case its inversion is a diminished fifth, and vice versa. Hence "what we call a tritone."]

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