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Rain Gauge, a Creative Device for Agricultural ProsperityAdd to Queue

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  • Date posted : Jan 01, 1970


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Angbuilgu is the name for a sundial, which looks like an iron cauldron facing to the sky. It is a device that tells the time of a day by showing the position of the sun. A water clock is another device that tells the time based on natural principles. It measures time by the flow of water, and thanks to the easily-manageable nature of water, it shows the relatively exact time than other devices. The Jagyeongnu Clepsydra of the Joseon Period was a special water clock that had an automatic signaling device. The Jagyeongnu Clepsydra and Hemispheric Sundial were important devices in the everyday life of the Joseon People. They were not mere inventions inspired by Chinese culture, but a reliable guidance prepared by deep consideration of the kings of Joseon.

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