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Bhante Anandajoti: 1. The Early Life of the BuddhaAdd to Queue

Course :  Bhante Anandajoti

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  • Date posted : Jan 01, 1970


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Part of the Geography of Buddhism Series This is a talk given in the Vivekavana Buddhist Society on the period from the Bodhisatta's renunciation, up to the Awakening, and the first year thereafter. The talk is illustrated with a map of the area where the events took place, together with some extra information missing in the talk itself. For more maps see: http://www.ancient-buddhist-texts.net/Maps/MP-index.htm For the source of most of the information see this early Vinaya text: http://www.ancient-buddhist-texts.net/English-Texts/Great-Chapter/index.htm and for later information this one: http://www.ancient-buddhist-texts.net/English-Texts/Victorious-Buddha/index.htm For the Buddha's first four discourses see: http://www.ancient-buddhist-texts.net/English-Texts/Earliest-Discourses/index.htm This is a remake of an earlier version of the same talk, with higher definition and more photographs.

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