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Wudang Mountains: Sacred Sanctuary of Taoism (or Cradle of Taoism) Episode Three, Part TwoAdd to Queue

Course :  Wudang Mountains: Sacred Sanctuary of Taoism (New Frontiers)

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  • Date posted : Jan 01, 1970


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We learn more about water's sacredness in the second half of episode three. Here, the death of the emperor during the Song Dynasty is discussed. The story takes place in 1215 A.D. when military powers, the loss of leaves and the temples were falling apart. One of these losses is the Eastern Palace, where nothing remains today after 800 years. We also have a look at sacred pools making the temple stories possible today because of its source as life: “no water, no life”. There is also discussion of Taiji Lake, a man-made lake built in 1958 that submerged an ancient temple. Taihe Palace is highlighted by the clouds that shroud the temple all year round, creating a line between the immortal and mortal. There is also a brief look at a current water diversion project which will help bring water down from to the Mountains to Beijing, China’s capital.

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