"Divine Wind". Japanese Kamikaze

WW2.....a desperate time when humans found new and more terrible ways of killing each other. Out of this desperation came the Japanese suicide bomber known as the "Kamikaze". To the Kamikaze, bomb and bomber were one and the same. Called into power by emperor Hirohito and creatively offered the new rank of "God" , 2500 men were to spend their last terrifying moments as human artillery streaking towards their targets encased in airplanes, mini subs and small boats. These "Knights Of The Devine Wind" so horrifyingly accurate in their attack, took the lives of over 7000 allied servicemen and women during the reign of those first initiated.....and there were still another 4500 Japanese men being prepared for knighthood. The fear of these human weapons became a critical factor in the United States decision to avoid an invasion of the Japanese mainland and instead drop the Atomic bomb.